Problem Solving vs Industry Specialist

Quadrant invests in a different way: we aim to solve a particular problem. Private enterprises, utilizing innovation and market forces, are by far the most efficient and effective way to solve the world’s problems, succeeding where governments or institutions fail. Quadrant’s goal is to shape large and small companies to solve important and identifiable problems. The larger the problem, the larger the addressable market, which creates greater investment potential.

Hands-On Involvement vs Oversight Role

Quadrant’s partners are operators first and investors second, and nearly all have personally led an operating company.  Operating experience provides the requisite knowledge to create value and delineate between what works and doesn’t. Quadrant started as a principal-only private equity firm that restructured troubled companies, and although that has become a smaller part of our business, we continue to utilize that expertise to build companies through solving key problems.

Flexible Investing vs Cookie Cutter Restrictions

Because Quadrant wants to solve meaningful and significant problems, our investment focus has been early stage, small and mid-sized companies. At times, Quadrant has even founded companies to solve a particular problem.

Long-Term Horizons vs Short Term Flip

Creating a durable solution to a complicated problem can take time. Quadrant does not put specific time horizons on its investments or capital, seeking instead to maximize outcomes and crafting industry-best business models. Quadrant has owned some of its portfolio companies for 10 years or more, as great businesses that solve problems are worth owning.

Principal based vs LP investor based

Quadrant does not have outside investors, and its invested capital comes from the firm and its team. Our own funds, not simply fees, are always on the line in every one of our investments. We will at times bring in partners for investment companies, and have co-invested with other small and large private equity firms on unique opportunities.

Internally-generated deal flow

Unlike most private equity firms, Quadrant rarely enters an auction, and only when needed to scale one of our core businesses and/or to acquire an asset which creates a huge advantage through acquisition.


Quadrant was founded by Alan Quasha, one of the early pioneers of leveraged buyout investing in the late 1970s. With an early focus on the restructuring and private equity business, Quadrant has evolved into a global, principal-only alternative investment management firm. Quadrant is industry and geography agnostic, however it looks for high growth situations where massive change is underway.

Throughout its history, Quadrant has invested across multiple industries including manufacturing, financial services, energy, technology, media, healthcare, telecom and business services. Quadrant was an early mover in Eastern Europe with investments dating back to 1990. Quadrant then moved to other high growth geographies by investing in and opening offices in China, India, Africa and the Middle East.